Sustainability Business Worth $ Trillions

United NationsNov. 29 2005

Press Release - United Nations Environment Programme

A powerful alignment of legal, financial, and investment interests will see USD trillions directed in the next decade to evolving markets linked to climate change, clean technology and sustainable use of natural resources, a report being prepared for the United Nations predicts.

"The Working Capital Report", to be published for the first time in March 2006 by the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative, is the culmination of a series of landmark studies undertaken during 2004-5.

This series of UN-backed studies explores the role of financial service companies and capital markets, and the legal context in which they operate, as they capitalise on new opportunities linked to the concept of sustainable development and more effective management of associated risks.

"There is no question that 2005 will be seen as the watershed when the mainstream banking, insurance and investment worlds realised the scale of the commercial opportunities unfolding in the new carbon, clean-tech and sustainable natural resource markets and, also, the legal risks of not being a leader in this area," explained Klaus Toepfer, Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme.

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