Consumption of organic and ethical products on the rise

A new report commissioned by the Co-operative Bank says that shopping for organic and ethical food, beverage and cosmetics products in the UK is rising steadily year on year.

Full Text available :
Drinks Business Review - USA

BSI note: Sammy Smiths has been churning out organic beers in the UK for a while now. This just in, our inside sources in the macrobrewing industry tell us that the country's largest American owned brewer may be positioning itself to launch an organic product in the future as well. I for one cant wait to see the commercials.

While it may be perplexing for some to see the big boys even thinking about brining eco_logical products to the market, consider the tipping point well off in the future and how benificial corporate america err responsable corporate america could be.

I'll drink to that. Now if our local "eco" brewer would even consider an organic product... that would be bOOoooOOmbastic~

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