Disney - Environmentality - Storm Drain Labeling!

Now featuring Jimminy Cricket! Here is some storm water pollution prevention program drain labeling. Viva La Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans! Long Live the Clean Water Act!


The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company (Marysville, OH) 24 PRODUCTS BUSTED BY USEPA!

Another eco-bust made by the USEPA! Under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide Rodenticide Act, the USEPA regulates and approves all 'pesticides'. Pesticides are a broad category of chemicals under the regulation that can even include bleach (if its intended for disenfection ie killing germs).

SCOTTS of Ohio, a noted sustainability enthusiest, and that probably has as many BHAGS, as it does organic products, was BUSTED for bringing to market 20 illegle pesticides and ordered to cease and dissist all production. All major retailers nationwide have received STOP SALE ORDERS as well as a part of the legal action.

Maybe i'm off target but I find it funny (smelling) how they have organic products but manufacture pesticides. Seems oxymoronic, but then again with green wash so rampant these days perhaps its more like ying and yang. The two acts balancing each other out. Deceitful business practice emitting negitive energy credit generating type vibrations only to be offset in true cowboy market fashion with past, present, and future eco-chic and organic product launches from the conventional pesticide and fertilizer company.

Its almost like a chemical factory with a LEED certified warehouse. They are green, yea green green, champion green ;-)

Enough rant, here's the dish... from USEPA's new page on SCOTTS.

I'm betting you have heard of at least some of the recalled products. I found a bag in my garage.


Wind, Solar, Worms, Moebius Nature Center, BSI, and the Next Classroom Revolution

Here is a table we did to support the science fair at Craddock Elementary School in Aurora | Portage County | Ohio on behalf of Moebius Nature Center. Mara and Matthew (first graders now) gaze upon the display with wide eyes! =-).

Buckeye Sustainability Institute has a venerable arsenal of arrows in its quiver in support of the battle for sustainability. We are strong proponents of the arms race of green technology. If is indeed the next industrial revolution, than BSI's gear represents one of the cache's that will help us win the battle.

For this gig I brought hands on eco_tec displays including:
  1. Classroom / residential single family sized worm bins (handles about a pound of food per week),
  2. Voltaic solar power cells (integrated into the courier bag at right)
  3. Two direct current (dc) generating micro wind turbines. The turbines are each equipped with a display unit which conveys power generated at various wind speeds by varying LED intensity /brightness and also has buzzers.
Mara (my daughter) is only somewhat impressed I feel. These gizmo's that I think are so super eco-chic and rad, she and my son (not pictured) probably think are inside every home on earth. After all feeding the worms at my house is about as common as feeding the dog at other peoples houses. Start em early... so they can outdo or out green me later!


BSI's Research Vessel 'Optimum Power' - Sails To K.I.

BSI's research and exploration vessel the Optimum Power sets sail on the longest sail of the year so far. Here is a snazzy time lapse I shot off the mast of the co-captain in action.


The Vestas Murders

It is widely believed that wind turbines are the answer to our green energy needs no matter where they are going to be erected and without regard for the various environmental attributes of a given site. Take the installation of wind turbines in marine environments... say Lake Erie for example.

Seagulls fly over and around the sea. Do you believe that there are avian impacts (bird fatalities) associated with turbines? Do you think that those impacts vary based upon seasonal bird population in the given area? How about bats, do you think an Indiana Brown Bat could be killed by a wind turbine?

Beyond avian impacts, the visual pollution that results from the installation of wind turbines in a previously undeveloped marine wilderness area is another political hot potato. This facet of the impact has received a tremendous amount of press in recent times especially in the battles to stop turbine installation near Cape Cod.

Environmental / pollution type impacts are real as well. The installation of the engineering superstructure if you will necessary to support the turbine will require the use of significant anchoring and mooring systems. Our lake bottom is comprised primarily of ultra-fine clay particles forming a soupy silt on the bottom. These sediments are known to contain copious quantities of insidious pollutants like PCB's, and mercury. Whats worse, this fine silt clay lake bottom is comprised of such small particles that once they are disturbed or stirred up by say an anchor or pilings associated with the moorings necessary for a marine turbine install job.... we could be unleashing quite the toxic underwater cloud. Next they will tell us that our drinking water intake a few miles away is safe from all of this because your water will "meet the usepa standards'. 0 ppm is safe in my book, and in my glass of koolaid that I am making to feed my kids. We'll save fructose for another time.


Japan Recommends Solar Output Increase 55 Times by 2030!

You better get off your arse and buy some solar panels likety split for goodness sake...

Ministry Recommends that Solar Power Output to Rise 55 Times by 2030

The Japanese Ministry of the Environment (MOE) "Study Group Focused
on Measures to Expand the Use of Renewable Energy towards Building a Low
Carbon Society" reported its recommendations about how to expand the use
of renewable energy to the Global Environment Committee of the Central
Environment Council on February 10, 2009. In particular, the study group
members suggest specific policies to spread the use of solar power
generation significantly in order to regain the global top spot.


Exclusive Eco BUST! MELT LAKEWOOD POLLUTES in fuzzy 12 Megapixel hirez

The time, 948 pm, the date, May 10th, the location, MELT in Lakewood, Ohio. Our food service sector patrolmens nose detected the strong odor of bleach while walking past this storm drain. Note the drain most likely dischagres directly to Lake Erie, and the bleach most likely has a USEPA ID number on the bottle causing it to be regulated as a pesticide. A classic example of a violation of Federal, State, and local laws all in one fault swoop.

Now, what does MELT have to say about this?
What does the USEPA and Ohio EPA have to say about this?
What do you have to say about this?


Japan Cuts TV TV Shows To Save The Globe!

Shortened TV Broadcast in Japan Contributes to Cutting CO2 Emissions

As a special one-day environmental event, Japan's public broadcaster,
Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK), shortened the airtime of its
educational TV channel on December 29, 2008, to reduce its carbon
dioxide (CO2) emissions and save electricity.


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