Lower level greenish rehab project

On the first floor of our 1960s slab built home we had a large room with a cold concrete floor.   Due to the age of the home the slabs are uninsulated.  I installed a barricade insulated subfloor which aledgedly will warm up floor by *9 degrees F.  The product is insulated with an inch of styrene foam (excluded from green claims here in).   Sandwiched to the insulation is a tounge and groove mdf.

We have low voc paint from several manufacturers on the walls.  More on that soon.

The baseboards are hand made by my brother and I using standard Home Depot Forestry Stewardship Council certified pine 1x6 that we hogged out a racing stripe into using a dado blade on the table saw.    #homeade

To protect the sex trim We debated the merits of stain, sealer, varnish, oiling, shellac, milk paint, cca treated lumber, creasote etc.  in the end we opted for the lowest possible setting on the carbon footprint dial...all nude.  No preservatives.

Fsc coc, 
Recycled carpet 

First Trojan fish of the spring migration sighted at Clevelands Lake Erie cso near 55th st

Kudos to Cleveland clinics healthy vending choices