Amazon sustainability fail

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This small rectangular knife wall magnet arrived from amazon.com in a box capable of shipping safely perhaps 100 or more of the same object.   

 :-( see the sad smile in photo

The box was way larger and deeper than it needed to be.  To further emphasize my point below is a photo of the boxes shipping load / stack capacity.   Amazon is professional enough to use quality boxes. This one has a "gross rate limit" of a stout 65 lbs. The side crush rating is 32 lbs/inch.

Over engineering may help protect products / quality... But there has got to be a sweet spot.  Maximized shipping package protection, maxed out woodlands protection.  #fsc.      Also while I'm on this rant "corrugated recycles" on a presumable 0% recycled box is akin to greenwash, maybe?

It's tough love amazon.  Best shopping and customer service online but you exude a Bigfoot / Sasquatch like sized Eco footprint.  Inside the box was over 4 feet of all natural biobased tree, country of origin unknown.  4.5ft by 2.5 ft.  

My plan is to bail you out as much as I can for all of this.  I'll up cycle all this square footage of 'art paper' to my tots.   And the box will go to the recycle center.

 This packaging would not fly in Walmarts supply chain!! Aim for 100% recycled fsc not SFI, 100% soy inks and adhesives, and get the packages engineered correctly.  It's not 1970s

I'd enjoy a seat at the table if you are asking customer's perspectives on this.

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