Wind, Solar, Worms, Moebius Nature Center, BSI, and the Next Classroom Revolution

Here is a table we did to support the science fair at Craddock Elementary School in Aurora | Portage County | Ohio on behalf of Moebius Nature Center. Mara and Matthew (first graders now) gaze upon the display with wide eyes! =-).

Buckeye Sustainability Institute has a venerable arsenal of arrows in its quiver in support of the battle for sustainability. We are strong proponents of the arms race of green technology. If is indeed the next industrial revolution, than BSI's gear represents one of the cache's that will help us win the battle.

For this gig I brought hands on eco_tec displays including:
  1. Classroom / residential single family sized worm bins (handles about a pound of food per week),
  2. Voltaic solar power cells (integrated into the courier bag at right)
  3. Two direct current (dc) generating micro wind turbines. The turbines are each equipped with a display unit which conveys power generated at various wind speeds by varying LED intensity /brightness and also has buzzers.
Mara (my daughter) is only somewhat impressed I feel. These gizmo's that I think are so super eco-chic and rad, she and my son (not pictured) probably think are inside every home on earth. After all feeding the worms at my house is about as common as feeding the dog at other peoples houses. Start em early... so they can outdo or out green me later!

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