Brown City Dead Lake Volume 1

From the city that brought a burning river (Cuyahoga) to your history books!

Sims Park in Euclid, Ohio is home to a pier that is designed to camouflage a sewer outfall. On this day my daughter and I find it to be billowing out water visibly laden with sediment. My daughter knows this is our communities source of drinking water.

A near by dead fish is an ominous sign, and the source of her first question. She asks "are there still some of those fish around". I tell her "The sheephead, yes, its not extinct, if thats what you mean". Only I have not the heart to tell her about the unknown disease wiping them out in our lakes western basin.

Her next observation is "its a good think Lake Erie does not have this", referring to the pollution before her 4 year old eyes. The only problem of course is that this is our great Lake Erie we are looking at. =-(

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