Ohio EPA BUSTS Accurate Plating Company of Cleveland, Ohio

Ohio EPA reached a settlement with Accurate Plating Company for past
hazardous waste violations and issued an administrative consent order on
December 19, 2005. The violations occurred at its facility located at
6512 Carnegie Avenue, Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio. The settlement
includes a $25,000 penalty of which $20,000 will be deposited into the
state's hazardous waste cleanup fund. In lieu of paying the remaining
$5,000 of the penalty, Accurate Plating Company will fund a supplemental
environmental project (SEP) by making a contribution in the amount of
$5,000 to the Ohio EPA Clean Diesel School Bus Program.

You can view the actual letter sent to the polluter by OEPA by clicking

This letter provides you with the actual laws broken (with a regulatory citation) and typically an outline of the situation leading up to the settlement. You would not believe how few of these they send out. Now I understand why other states have privitized this a bit.

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