Call for children's environmental art Here's one for the kids. The Cleveland-based International Center for Environmental Arts is organizing Coastweeks 2004, a national celebration of the nation's waterways and shoreline, with special events coordinated by the Ohio Lake Erie Commission Office from 8/21 thru 9/19. One element is an art and essay contest for children portraying important issues about Lake Erie through art, focusing on the natural beauty, history and "future uses" of our fine Lake, with the theme, "I Can Help Lake Erie," encouraging young Ohioans to "be part of the solution, not the pollution that finds it way into the lake." Ohio students ages 6-12 can submit posters, collage, fabric or a variety of media up to 8" X 10" with a deadline of 8/15. For more information, call 440-891-8376. The posters and essays will be exhibited at the Great Lakes Historical Society's Inland Seas Maritime Museum in Vermillion. ICEA2000@aol.com
thanks thomas mulready.

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