Consumers 'Would Switch To Back Green Products'

Press Association 7 June 2004

- Shoppers will vote with their feet and switch brands if companies fail to comply with "green" legislation, according to a new report today.

A survey of 1,000 people showed that 94% backed laws aimed at reducing CO2 emissions and one in three would be prepared to buy goods from another company if their usual supplier missed environmental targets.

Consultants LogicaCMG (correct) said the findings showed that firms failing to meet new regulations on emissions would face a consumer backlash,

One in six of those polled said they would be happy to accept price rises of up to 25% if it led to emissions being cut from factories and other buildings.

A separate poll of 250 senior executives showed a third did not believe consumers would care about firms complying with regulations.

"Our study shows that both consumers and industry are in favour of the reduction of carbon emissions and consumers are prepared to pay a premium for environmentally friendly goods and services," says Jim Yeats, managing director of LogicaCMG.

"Unfortunately it is apparent that most companies have not made much progress towards compliance, in fact two thirds of UK companies have yet to set a budget to be able to comply, and they will suffer the consequences - not just in terms of fines but in something less tangible, but ultimately more valuable - customer loyalty."

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