Cleveland's Rapid Transit Authority explores more sustainable transportation.

EUCLID CORRIDOR: Purchased 21 vehicles at a cost not to exceed $900,000 each, from New Flyer of America Inc. The low-floor articulated coaches will have state-of-the-art hybrid-electric propulsion and design, and be used on the Euclid Corridor Transportation Project. The concept is known as BRT, or Bus Rapid Transit. The vehicles will have two doors on the driver's side, and three doors on the other side. They will be cleaner, quieter and offer much lower emissions. The vehicles offer 46 seats, 120 standing capacity, with places for two wheelchairs and two interior bike racks. The total award of $20.52 million includes money for research and development, operator and maintenance training, parts and maintenance. About $1.97 million of that will be spent on design, engineering and testing, and federal funds will pay for 80 percent. Because an existing vehicle will be re-designed to meet Cleveland's needs, no precise artwork is yet available. Board Vice President Beverly Burtzlaff hailed the purchase as "a huge historic moment," and said she is especially pleased that the vehicles will be environmentally friendly.

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