Weight of Science Continues to Support Vinyl Toys *provinyl propaganda alert*

- As Environmental Briefs was going to press, scientists were continuing to review available data on the potential health effects of phthalate plasticizers in soft vinyl toys. However, both the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and a European scientific group recently supported the continued safe use of phthalates in these toys. The CPSC report released in December refused some calls for a ban or recall on phthalate-containing toys, citing the lack of evidence of any imminent risk to children. "Few, if any, children are at risk from (phthalates) because the children don't ingest enough of the chemical to rise to a harmful level," said CPSC Commissioner Ann Brown. "In fact, it doesn't even come close." More information on this developing issue can be obtained at www.vinyltoys.com.
EnVIronmental Briefs, December 1998

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