Bush Administration Plans to Ease Sewage-Treatment Rules

More disease-carrying microbes from doo-doo could contaminate U.S.
waterways, lakes, and coastlines if the Bush administration proceeds
with plans to loosen sewage-treatment requirements. This week, the
U.S. EPA intends to unveil a proposed rule change that would let many
communities skip a sewage-treatment step after storms cause an
increased flow of wastewater; the public will have 60 days to comment
on the proposal. Many local sewage-treatment plants don't have the
capacity to handle storm-water surges and it would cost billions to
make upgrades at these facilities. But the looser rules would lead
to more viruses and parasites in water, says Nancy Stoner of the
Natural Resources Defense Council, a group that's pushing for the
federal government to help communities boost capacity at the nation's
sewage plants.

straight to the source: USA Today, Peter Eisler, 03 Nov 2003

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